Affiliate Recruitment Services

Identifying and pursuing high potential affiliate partnerships is extremely time consuming, especially without any established relationships to build off of.  We’ll increase your bandwidth and automate a campaigns growth through our unmatched recruitment capabilities, which include our proprietary “Affiliate Search Engine’ software and outreach resources. Our tool is able to instantly obtain a complete list of affiliates promoting your competitors or any other type of relevant content, and we’ll execute an approach strategy on your behalf to drive sign ups at a very high rate.

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White Label Proposals

All Resellers are provided with custom white-label branded proposals that include detailed overviews of our marketing solutions.

Power Affiliates

We have relationships with all of the major affiliates in the industry, and will attempt to recruit them for your program if a synergy exists.

Seamless Integration

All services are performed under your agencies brand and our processes were specifically developed to not require any of your resources.

Affiliate Search Engine

Our proprietary software allows us to identify all affiliates promoting any type of content and gain access to your competitors affiliate base.

Outreach Resources

We’ll allocate the necessary resources to execute our proven 4-step recruitment process and convert prospects into affiliates at a high rate.

Brand Reporting

We will provide custom reports featuring your agencies logo, which enables you to send them to your clients as soon as they’re received.

You offer the services...we provide the resources