Affiliate Program Management

Our affiliate program management services combine all of our other options with activation and optimization campaigns to provide one dynamic business driving solution. Full service partners are allocated a dedicated Account Management team lead by a Strategic Consultant, and each account representative specializes in a different aspect of your program that is vital to its success. This segmented approach allows us to operate at peak efficiency and execute Recruitment, Activation, and Optimization campaigns simultaneously to ensure your program reaches its full potential.

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White Label Proposals

All Resellers are provided with custom white label branded proposals that include detailed overviews of our marketing solutions.

Discounted Network Fees

Resellers gain access to our certified agency pricing for the major 3rd party affiliates networks, which significantly reduce ongoing expenses.

Power Affiliates

We have relationships with all of the major affiliates in the industry, and will attempt to recruit them for your program if a synergy exists.

Competitive Analysis

We’ll complete a competitive analysis to identify what networks have the highest potential and recommend optimal program terms.

Seamless Integration

All services are performed under your agencies brand and our processes were specifically developed to not require any of your resources.

Brand Reporting

We will provide custom reports featuring your agencies logo, which enables you to send them to your clients as soon as they’re received.


Affiliate Recruitment

Once we’ve identified top prospects through our “Affiliate Search Engine”, we’ll execute our proven 4-step recruitment process and aggressively recruit them on your behalf.

Affiliate Optimization

Once we’ve recruited some power affiliates on your behalf, we’ll identify top performers and build those relationships through strategic guidance and premium placements.

Affiliate Activation

We’ll identify high potential “inactive” affiliates who have joined the program but have yet to launch campaigns, and provide personalized support to help them get started.

Brand Protection

We’ve invested heavily in the industry leading quality control solutions that monitor restricted PPC terms and eliminate the risk of paying commissions on fraudulent traffic.


SubID Tracking

Our SubID tracking technology allows affiliates to identify high quality traffic sources and facilitate Sub-Affiliate network campaigns.

Multi-Network Platform

Our platform allows you to launch and manage campaigns on multiple affiliate networks without requiring additional tracking pixels.

Publisher Dashboard

Your affiliates will have access to a comprehensive dashboard to view reporting metrics, pull creative and optimize their campaigns.

Real Time Reports

Our network provides real time reporting on all types of performance-based campaigns such as CPS, CPA, CPL, CPC and mobile offers.

Third Party Pixels

Sub-Affiliate Networks are able to easily integrate their pixels into our platform so their tracking works in conjunction with ours.

99.999% Uptime

DirectClick’s platform is a fully redundant system built, housed and operated at world-class standards to offer the most reliable solutions.


Dynamic Tracking Pixel

Our “Master Pixel” enables you to launch campaigns on multiple networks and prevent paying duplicate commissions on a single transaction.

Affiliate Tool Set

All of your affiliates will be provided free access to an optimization tool set that includes custom link creators and

Affiliate Search Engine

Our proprietary software allows us to identify all affiliates promoting any type of content and gain access to your competitors affiliate base.

Fraud Prevention Software

Our fraud prevention software instantly detects suspicious activity or high-risk traffic and voids fraudulent transactions in real time.

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