Affiliate Tracking Solutions

Our “self-managed” service option allows agencies to manage, analyze, and grow an affiliate program directly through an easy to use and feature rich tracking platform. Whether you plan on launching a CPA, CPC, Pay-Per-Call or mobile based program, our network makes tracking and optimizing campaigns easier than ever by providing access to several cutting-edge management tools to help grow a program at peak efficiency. We also provide real-time reporting on every metric imaginable so you can adjust campaigns accordingly and provide transparency to affiliates.


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SubID Tracking

Our SubID tracking technology allows affiliates to identify high quality traffic sources and facilitate Sub-Affiliate network campaigns.

Multi-Network Platform

Our platform allows you to launch and manage campaigns on multiple affiliate networks without requiring additional tracking pixels.

Publisher Dashboard

Your affiliates will have access to a comprehensive dashboard to view reporting metrics, pull creative and optimize their campaigns.

Real Time Reports

Our network provides real time reporting on all types of performance-based campaigns such as CPS, CPA, CPL, CPC and mobile offers.

Third Party Pixels

Sub-Affiliate Networks are able to easily integrate their pixels into our platform so their tracking works in conjunction with ours.

99.999% Uptime

DirectClick’s platform is a fully redundant system built, housed and operated at world-class standards to offer the most reliable solutions.

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